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Hanley Genealogy & History

Hanley is a noble name of distinction stemming from the venerable Gaelic � hAinle, derived from the word ainle, which means lovely and graceful. Several alternate spellings are Hanley, O'Hanly, Hanly,Henly, Hanley, and O'Henley. The family first had its ancestral seat in Roscommon, Ireland. The Hanley motto is the valiant archer forever. Hanley family history has Donal O'Hanley as the first recorded spelling of the name in the ecclesiastical records of Dublin between 1022 and 1166. Noteworthy Hanley genealogy members are politician Katherine Hanley; cattle baron William (Bill) Hanley; and labor activist and union president Edward T. Hanley.

Hanley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Naomi Hanley-- --, 1912September 27,2004MN
Barbara Hanley-- --, 1912May ,1986MA
C Thomas Hanley-- --, 1928September 1,2001OH
Daisy Hanley-- --, 1901October 12,1995LA

Hanley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eardley Hanley-- --, 1926July 14,2004Holyoke,MA
Faith Hanley-- --, 1935April 23,1998Rutherford,NJ
Gabrielle Hanley-- --, 1903January 19,1990Providence,RI
Hal Hanley-- --, 1924August ,1986Athens,GA

Hanley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert HanleyRosalie FallonMarch 12,1945Wake, NC
Sylvan HanleyLeah PratherOctober 3,1998Wake, NC
Mark HanleyHeather AtwellApril 7,2000Wichita, TX
Patrick HanleyKelly CannonMarch 17,2000Brazos, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hanley

1511th: Keating1512th: Eckert
1513th: Huggins1514th: Story
1515th: Ayala1516th: Hathaway
1517th: Mansfield1518th: Jarrett
1519th: Gerber1520th: Baum

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