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Harlow Genealogy & History

Harlow family history shows this surname to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. The first possible derivation is the Old English hoer, meaning a pile of rocks, and hlaw, meaning a hill; hence, a rocky hill. The second possibility is the Old English here, meaning a group of people, and hlaw, a hill; hence, hill of the people, which probably refers to a meeting place. The family seat is in Essex. The Harlow family crest portrays a gray shield with three red lions rampant. A prominent Harlow family member was 1930s actress and sex symbol, the blonde bombshell Jean Harlow.

Harlow Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Harlow-- --, 1903July ,1974TN
B Louis Harlow-- --, 1930July 10,1993VA
Callie Harlow-- --, 1895October ,1976TX
Daisy Harlow-- --, 1891April ,1987IL

Harlow Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Harlow-- --, 1923April 22,2004Claremont,NH
Fannie Harlow-- --, 1883August 15,1968Winthrop,MA
Gail Harlow-- --, 1912March 28,2002Eminence,KY
Halah Harlow-- --, 1895July 10,1994Pompano Beach,FL

Harlow Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon HarlowTina CokerSeptember 23,2000Liberty, TX
Christopher HarlowDana DangerMay 22,1993Wake, NC
Dick HarlowErin JenkinsMay 26,2000Rockwall, TX
Edward HarlowTara GarnerApril 1,2000Bastrop, TX

Most Common Surnames After Harlow

2355th: Dent2356th: Benner
2357th: Garvey2358th: Wylie
2359th: Garvin2360th: Herr
2361st: Hartmann2362nd: Glaser
2363rd: Burleson2364th: Kopp

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