Harrigan Family History

Harrigan Surname Origin

The Harrigan family history is a long one that dates back to ancient times in County Cork, Ireland.

Harrigan Genealogy, Meaning & History

Harrigan genealogy is some of the oldest in Ireland, with roots that date back to ancient tribes living in parts of County Cork. The original meaning is somewhat obscure, but one possibility is that the name is derived from a word that means, "the descendent of a grey-haired one." Spelling variations for this name abound, which is often the case with surnames that have as long a history as the Harrigan genealogy. Some of the variations, such as Horgan, date back to notable families who lived in County Cork at one time. The name can also be found in the early records in County Kerry and County Leix, showing the name eventually spread throughout Ireland before migrating to other parts of the world.

Birth Records

Margaret HarriganDecember 25, 1965Charlotte, NCMildred Harrigan
Eloisa HarriganJune 14, 1948Clarksville, TNOlive Harrigan
Lisa HarriganJune 19, 1956McAllen TXRodney Harrigan
Samuel HarriganJanuary 6, 1933Columbia, SCRuth Harrigan

Death Records

Michael HarriganNovember 7, 1980Lakewood, COErnest Harrigan
Ella HarriganOctober 14, 1964Dayton, OHGarrett Harrigan
Jonathan HarriganAugust 21, 1969New Haven, CTMiguel Harrigan
Matthew HarriganMarch 28, 1949Cedar Rapids, IALina Harrigan

Marriage Records

Ricardo HarriganJune 26, 1964Thornton, COJessie Harrigan
Susan HarriganApril 5, 1988Santa Clara, CAGrace Harrigan
Max HarriganFebruary 4, 1971Athens, GAAndrew Harrigan
Adam HarriganJune 8, 1975Billings, MTJulie Harrigan

Harrigan Fun Facts

  • Number of Harrigan's in the US: 655744
  • Average Lifespan of Harrigan's: 62
  • Harrigan is the 5004th most common name in the US

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