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Harrington Genealogy & History

Harrington, a locational English name dating back to ancient Anglo-Saxon days, referred to villages named Harrington in Cumberland, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire. The name was derived from Old English "haer", meaning stony ground; "-ing", meaning people; and "tun", meaning settlement. Harrington genealogy is complicated by its unusual variations: Arintone, Harinton, and Heverington. The name is also found in Ireland, perhaps as an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "O hArrachtain". Harrington family history includes a family seat (feudal manor) in Cumberland and emigration to Virginia in 1606. One coat of arms includes three black leopards' faces on a silver shield indicating sincerity as well as valiant and enduring warriors.

Harrington Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Harold Harrington-- --, 1916May 20,2001NC
Babette Harrington-- --, 1908May ,1981OH
C Bennett Harrington-- --, 1922July 17,1993TX
D Frances Harrington-- --, 1942December 12,2009SC

Harrington Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Harrington-- --, 1921December 25,2000Niagara Falls,NY
F Inez Harrington-- --, 1923March 25,1998Houston,TX
G Dale Harrington-- --, 1917January 7,2007Kalamazoo,MI
H Elen Harrington-- --, 1899September ,1987Scranton,PA

Harrington Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred HarringtonPatricia DavisDecember 21,1938Wake, NC
Benjamin HarringtonJean GilliamJuly 21,1962Wake, NC
Daniel HarringtonValerie WinslowApril 26,1969Wake, NC
Edward HarringtonSophronia BryantNovember 29,1983Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Harrington

364th: Ortiz365th: Barton
366th: Dennis367th: Love
368th: Casey369th: Gutierrez
370th: Rodgers371st: Garner
372nd: French373rd: Morales

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