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Hartley is found throughout England as a place name and a surname. Hartley family history began in Lancashire, where they owned a feudal manor, but they also came from Hartley villages in Berkshire, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Hampshire, Kent, Northumberland, and Yorkshire. The first spelling of the name was de Hertley in Yorkshire, underscoring the locational nature of the name in early times. This ancient Anglo-Saxon name is derived from Old English "heorot", meaning stag, and "lea", meaning clearing. Spelling variations found in Hartley genealogy include Hartlaye, Hartlie, Hertheley, Hertleigh, Hertley, and Hertleye. The first Hartley to immigrate to America came to Virginia in 1623.

Hartley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Charles Hartley-- --, 1912October 13,1987MI
Bama Hartley-- --, 1911March 2,2010AL
C Edward Hartley-- --, 1926June 30,2000VA
D Norman Hartley-- --, 1915September 20,1996PA

Hartley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lorene Hartley-- --, 1918September 8,2009Vardaman,MS
Fadra Hartley-- --, 1917May 21,1993Alanson,MI
G Cecil Hartley-- --, 1925January 29,2003Seffner,FL
H Joan Hartley-- --, 1932April 11,1998Lake Wales,FL

Hartley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander HartleySarah PowellNovember 7,1936Wake, NC
Chancy HartleyRosetta LeeDecember 11,1970Wake, NC
Eric HartleyAmy RussellJune 3,2000Fort Bend, TX
Floyd HartleyShanon SermonsSeptember 18,2000Elpaso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hartley

898th: Mays899th: Hickey
900th: Mosley901st: Odell
902nd: Siegel903rd: Pollard
904th: Doherty905th: Travis
906th: Haines907th: Lake

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