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Hawthorne Genealogy & History

The English surname Hawthorne is of medieval origins. It can be either a locational name derived from the town of Hawthorne in Durham County or a topographic name describing a town near a hawthorne tree, bush, or hedge. Often these large hedges were used as defensive walls. Hawthorne genealogy also shows a branch of the family in Ireland. Hawthorne genealogy includes several alternative spellings such as Haythorn, Hathorn, and Hawthorn. Hawthorne family history shows that the motto is stabo, meaning I shall stand. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne is a member of this family.

Hawthorne Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A M Alene Hawthorne-- --, 1917August 24,2002IL
Baine Hawthorne-- --, 1920December 4,2007OK
Caddie Hawthorne-- --, 1900July ,1987VA
D Jane Hawthorne-- --, 1931August 15,1996OK

Hawthorne Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Hawthorne-- --, 1893December ,1972Madison,WI
Fairy Hawthorne-- --, 1927April 26,2005Knoxville,TN
Gale Hawthorne-- --, 1907March ,1986Lubbock,TX
H Walker Hawthorne-- --, 1921February 5,2006Saint Paul,MN

Hawthorne Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur HawthorneGreta MccullomMay 31,1964Wake, NC
Blake HawthorneWendy HarvelMay 28,2000Travis, TX
Charlie HawthorneVicky BlackmanMay 6,2000Wake, NC
David HawthorneJennifer ScrewsJune 9,2001Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hawthorne

2075th: Marx2076th: Pool
2077th: Kimble2078th: Jolly
2079th: Sneed2080th: Knott
2081st: Rowan2082nd: Spear
2083rd: Keys2084th: Cheney

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