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Hay Genealogy & History

Hay is a Scottish and English name with many possible origins. It could be derived from the Middle English word hay or hey, meaning tall or high, in which case it would be a nickname given to a tall person. It could be from the Middle English hey(e), Old English haeg, which would be a topographical name given to people who lived close to an enclosure. Finally, it could be a locational name given to people who lived in a town named Hay. Hay family history is first recorded circa 1160 with William de Haya (an alternate spelling). Hay genealogy includes the former Countess of Carlisle, Lucy Hay.

Hay Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Donald Hay-- --, 1917June ,1987NJ
Bain Hay-- --, 1916May 15,1998NY
C Leon Hay-- --, 1922August 4,1995TN
D Donald Hay-- --, 1930July 20,1998MI

Hay Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E June Hay-- --, 1919May 22,2008Somerset,PA
Fairy Hay-- --, 1909August ,1975Nicholasville,KY
G Earl Hay-- --, 1924June 28,2004Delmar,NY
H Donald Hay-- --, 1915March 29,1992Oregon,IL

Hay Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Blanchard HayAnna BoydJune 18,1955Wake, NC
David HayRobin UhlDecember 30,2000Bexar, TX
Gilbert HayLucille DardenJune 19,1948Wake, NC
Marshall HayKatherine BogueJune 4,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hay

1593rd: Alston1594th: Sands
1595th: Darling1596th: Moseley
1597th: Cabrera1598th: Dietrich
1599th: Fagan1600th: Hurt
1601st: Betts1602nd: Kiser

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