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Healy Genealogy & History

Healy is an Irish and English name. In Ireland it was originally derived from the Gaelic given names O'hEilidhe, meaning descended from a claimant, or possibly O'hEalaighthe, meaning descended from someone ingenious. In England it was a locational name given to people who lived in any of the number of towns called Healey, derived from the Old English words heah (meaning high) and leah (meaning glade or thin wood). Healy family history in Ireland begins in Sligo. In England, the name first appears with Philip de Heleye, who lived in Norfolk in 1275. Healy genealogy includes James Augustine Healy, the first African-American Catholic priest and bishop in the US.

Healy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbe Healy-- --, 1921July 23,2002WA
Baillies Healy-- --, 1889July ,1971MI
Callista Healy-- --, 1905January ,1971MI
Daisy Healy-- --, 1904March 10,1993AR

Healy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Izabeth Healy-- --, 1897September ,1984Silver Spring,MD
Faith Healy-- --, 1931March 4,1998Minneapolis,MN
G Dwight Healy-- --, 1925March 25,1996Belmont,NY
H Olen Healy-- --, 1916February 12,1990Harrisburg,IL

Healy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander HealyTanya SnyderMay 6,2005Wake, NC
Brian HealyCourtney DevlinJanuary 14,2006Wake, NC
Daniel HealyChristine LockeApril 8,2000Galveston, TX
Patrick HealySusan HartSeptember 11,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Healy

1183rd: Broussard1184th: Womack
1185th: Wynn1186th: Swift
1187th: Diamond1188th: Dooley
1189th: Hammer1190th: Tipton
1191st: Burris1192nd: Ames

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