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Hedrick Genealogy & History

Hedrick, a German-Dutch-Scottish name, is derived from the German heder-reich, meaning government-head. Another derivation is from Old German hadurich, meaning prince of the battle, or it can be a Dutch variant of the name Hendrick. Common spelling variations in Hedrick genealogy include Hatherick, Headrick, Hedderwick, Henderweck, Heidrig, Hetherwick, Heydenreich, Hiedrich, and Hydrich. Hedrick family history dates to feudal days in historical Silesia (Austrian Tyrol), the Palatine (Germany), and in Angus and Dunbar (Scotland). The coat of arms features three red roses symbolizing hope and joy, and the motto (ne timeas recte faciendo) means fear not when acting right. The first American Hedrick immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1738.

Hedrick Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leila Hedrick-- --, 1907July ,1984KS
Banius Hedrick-- --, 1921March 8,2004IL
C Austin Hedrick-- --, 1919December 14,1999NC
D Marie Hedrick-- --, 1923May 25,2004OR

Hedrick Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Calvin Hedrick-- --, 1928August 8,2008Roanoke,VA
Fairy Hedrick-- --, 1917September 12,2005Catawba,NC
Gail Hedrick-- --, 1955November 21,2007Jacksonville,FL
H Howard Hedrick-- --, 1915February 20,2001Ventura,CA

Hedrick Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barney HedrickPatricia HuntDecember 2,1973Wake, NC
Carroll HedrickSallie TingenAugust 31,1946Wake, NC
Darrell HedrickCarol FarrellJuly 31,1973Wake, NC
Edward HedrickMarian BrooksOctober 24,1947Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hedrick

1552nd: Shearer1553rd: Holliday
1554th: Cavanaugh1555th: Weller
1556th: Rock1557th: Ng
1558th: Thayer1559th: Aldrich
1560th: Maguire1561st: Burrell

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