Heine Family History

Heine Surname Origin

Heine is a surname of English origin that has roots in the Anglo-Saxon culture and was first found in Sussex.

Heine Genealogy, Meaning & History

The Heine family history is interesting and somewhat diverse in terms of its point of origin. Although it is considered an English surname, derivatives of the title also originated in Germany and Ireland. The name may have stemmed from the German name Heimric, which means "home rule." The Heine genealogy may also boast Irish origins, both as a topographical name for individuals who lived in the region of FitzHenry, or as an Anglicized version of the Irish name O'Inneirghe, which means, "descendant of the abandoned one." The name was first recorded in Sussex, England, prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066. There are a wide range of spelling variations for this particular surname, with some of the most common including Hen, Henn, Heene and Hene.

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