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Heller is a medieval English and German locational name, derived from Old English "hyll", meaning hill, indicating a person living by a hill. Heller genealogy is concentrated in southeast England while the Huller/Hullah variations were from Yorkshire. Originally from St. Hellier in Normandy, the Heller family history includes a family seat in Devonshire, with lands given to the Hellers after the Norman Conquest. Heller is also a German nickname derived from German "hell", meaning light or bright, indicating someone fair-haired or light-complected. The family motto "pro republica semper" means "for the state always". The first Heller American immigrant landed in Virginia in 1654.

Heller Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Heller-- --, 1904October ,1984MA
Babette Heller-- --, 1918February 4,2003IL
Caasi Heller-- --, 1888December ,1978CA
Daisy Heller-- --, 1912May ,1979MN

Heller Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Heller-- --, 1947January ,1987Temple,PA
Fannie Heller-- --, 1921July 15,1989Brooklyn,NY
Gabriel Heller-- --, 1918June 13,2006Palm Beach Gardens,FL
H Ann Heller-- --, 1929May 14,2002East Stroudsburg,PA

Heller Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Abraham HellerBertha GranoffSeptember 26,1949Wake, NC
David HellerBarbara WoodNovember 9,1985Wake, NC
Samuel HellerTillie DranoffSeptember 26,1949Wake, NC
Michael HellerRebecca MetranoApril 26,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Heller

947th: Gibbons948th: Gay
949th: Crowe950th: Dickinson
951st: Chamberlain952nd: Elder
953rd: McNamara954th: Hewitt
955th: Sorensen956th: Connor

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