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Henderson is an ancient Scottish name dating back to the Pict era. The name is patronymic, meaning son of Henry or the Scottish variation Hendry, and variations include Henryson and Hendryson. By Henderson family history legend, they descend from Great Henry, son of King Nechtan who was king of the Picts in the eighth century, and they were known as great warriors and bodyguards. Two main branches, thought unrelated, were located in the lower Highlands (Glencoe, Fifeshire and Liddesdale) and far north in Caithness. The Henderson motto "sola virtus nobilitat" means "virtue alone ennobles". American Henderson genealogy begins in Virginia in the 1650s.

Henderson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Brian Henderson-- --, 1938October 27,2009SC
Billy Henderson-- --, 1975December 8,1998AL
C Bruce Henderson-- --, 1915February 8,2008CA
D Ann Henderson-- --, 1921October 11,2002AR

Henderson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernice Henderson-- --, 1921February 20,1997Glendale,CA
F Earl Henderson-- --, 1912November 6,2001Damascus,MD
G Dudley Henderson-- --, 1921January 6,1992Portland,OR
H Bernice Henderson-- --, 1915September 20,1991Elizabethtown,NC

Henderson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce HendersonJo JonesApril 2,1960Wake, NC
Charles HendersonLouise AndersonJune 20,1949Wake, NC
Dan HendersonMary RobertsMay 3,1942Wake, NC
Edgar HendersonIsabelle BowenJune 18,1932Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Henderson

89th: Hamilton90th: Patterson
91st: West92nd: Cole
93rd: Jenkins94th: Murray
95th: Wallace96th: Gonzalez
97th: Stevens98th: Meyer

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