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Hendrickson Genealogy & History

Hendrickson genealogy poses a daunting challenge; there are 400 variations of the name due to the popularity of the given name Henry throughout Europe. Hendry, the Scottish variation of Henry, dates to ancient Pict times; Great Henry was the son of King Nechtan who was king of the Picts in the 8th century. Hendrickson family history originated in Fife, and with its close derivative Hendricks, Hendrickson is still the most popular surname in eastern Scotland. Variations throughout North Europe include Hendri, Hendrich, Hendricks, Henrich, Hindrick, MacHendry, MacHendrick, and MackKendrick, as well as the Henry surname derivatives. The first Hendrickson immigrant to America landed in Virginia in 1642.

Hendrickson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Hendrickson-- --, 1927March 14,1996MN
B Evelyn Hendrickson-- --, 1928December 3,1998CA
C Donald Hendrickson-- --, 1919April 22,2004WV
Dagmar Hendrickson-- --, 1909January ,1993MA

Hendrickson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E John Hendrickson-- --, 1916April 13,2007Marquette,MI
Faith Hendrickson-- --, 1999November 28,1999West Fargo,ND
Gail Hendrickson-- --, 1930February 6,2001Pinetops,NC
H Norma Hendrickson-- --, 1926February 12,1997Stanhope,IA

Hendrickson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carroll HendricksonJill DobbinsApril 6,1985Wake, NC
Donald HendricksonSandra MarleySeptember 12,1981Wake, NC
Eric HendricksonVanessa ZunigaNovember 4,2000Denton, TX
Gene HendricksonToni VelekeiJanuary 1,2000Cass, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hendrickson

874th: Jefferson875th: Lancaster
876th: Albert877th: Flanagan
878th: Forbes879th: Lyon
880th: Haney881st: O'Neil
882nd: Riddle883rd: Shoemaker

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