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Hernandez is a distinguished Portuguese and Spanish name first found in the medieval kingdom of Castile in the fourth-century Visigoth era. Derived from Spanish "faro", meaning journey, and "nano", meaning brave, it is synonymous with the Old German "Ferdinand", meaning bold voyager. Hernandez and its variation Fernandez were popularized by King Ferdinand III of Castile and Leon (1198-1252), who successfully led the Spanish Christians against the Moors and was subsequently canonized. The many spelling variations complicate Hernandez genealogy: Farrant, Fernandez, Fernando, Fernao, Hernaiz, Hernan, and Hernando. Hernandez family history in the New World started with Baltazar Fernandes in Brazil in 1654.

Hernandez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mario Hernandez-- --, 1934May 15,2009VI
B Frank Hernandez-- --, 1917December 5,1987NY
Ceferina Hernandez-- --, 1970February 24,1997NY
Dagoberto Hernandez-- --, 1960March 1,1992NY

Hernandez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Paul Hernandez-- --, 1918November 25,1998Fargo,ND
Fabian Hernandez-- --, 1916April 15,1988Miami,FL
G Lupe Hernandez-- --, 1922September 8,2009Whittier,CA
H J Hernandez-- --, 1917May 27,1993San Antonio,TX

Hernandez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gabino HernandezEsmeralda TijerinaJune 8,1997Wake, NC
Francisco HernandezIsabel VillanuevaNovember 14,1992Wake, NC
Elier HernandezGeizel GonzalezJune 5,1999Wake, NC
Cuarenta HernandezSusan WilliamsJuly 28,1990Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hernandez

79th: Perry80th: Olson
81st: Reynolds82nd: Lopez
83rd: Butler84th: Sanders
85th: James86th: Barnes
87th: Graham88th: Henderson

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