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Herrera Genealogy & History

Herrera dates to the medieval period in Castile. This Spanish and Portuguese name, derived from the Spanish "Herrera", meaning iron-worker, is also related to the Latin word "ferraria", meaning iron-forge. As with many ancient surnames, the spelling variations are numerous, complicating Herrera genealogy: Deherrera, Ferrera, Ferreira, Fierro, Fernuz, Herreros, Herrerias, Herrezuelo, and Hierro. Bearers of the surname were particularly famous explorers in Herrera family history: Alonso de Herrera to America, 1511; Cristobal de Herrera to America, 1513; Gregorio Herrera to Peru, 1534; Luis de Herrera to New Spain, 1534; and Diego de Herrera to the Philippines, 1565. Notable family members include Carlos Herrera, president of Guatemala.

Herrera Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Herrera-- --, 1968October 13,2002NM
Bacilia Herrera-- --, 1960March 18,2004IL
Calixta Herrera-- --, 1899October ,1981CA
Dafnis Herrera-- --, 1909January 27,1999TX

Herrera Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Herrera-- --, 1905June ,1985Austin,TX
Fabian Herrera-- --, 1896January ,1976La Madera,NM
Gabino Herrera-- --, 1924November 16,1993Ennis,TX
Harold Herrera-- --, 1922November 27,1999Marksville,LA

Herrera Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Felipe HerreraRosa VasquezDecember 27,2005Wake, NC
Sandy HerreraRosa Chavez GalvanAugust 25,2000Wake, NC
Virgilio HerreraAmy HeckendorfMarch 28,2008Wake, NC
Daniel HerreraIsabela LalindeMay 30,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Herrera

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575th: Hutchinson576th: Hensley
577th: Knapp578th: Hobbs
579th: Pittman580th: Hahn
581st: Nolan582nd: Buck

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