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Hess Genealogy & History

Hess is a German name, dating back before the tenth century. One derivation is locational, referring to the German state of Hesse; a second is descriptive/occupational, referring to people who wore or made hoods. Hess literally translates to "hooded people" and could refer to soldiers wearing helmets. As with most ancient names, there are many German, Austrian, Dutch, and Danish variations in Hess genealogy: Esse, Hesler, Hessel, Hesselin, Hessing, Hesso, and Hessung. The coat of arms is a sun on a blue shield, symbolizing glory and loyalty. Hess family history includes two Nobel prize winners. In America, the first Hess immigrant arrived in New York in 1709.

Hess Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Allen Hess-- --, 1918April 13,1996PA
B Anton Hess-- --, 1914June 27,2005PA
C Helen Hess-- --, 1921February 4,2007IA
D Christin Hess-- --, 1915May ,1995PA

Hess Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eileen Hess-- --, 1918September 30,2003Cabot,PA
F Colleen Hess-- --, 1926October 14,2009Redwood City,CA
G Dean Hess-- --, 1921April 30,2006Layton,UT
H Boyd Hess-- --, 1920November 14,1999Palmyra,PA

Hess Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles HessGale HeltonJuly 17,1986Wake, NC
Donald HessVaneda DobbinsAugust 6,1967Wake, NC
Richard HessSue McgeeApril 23,1966Wake, NC
Mark HessJuliann LewisJune 16,1979Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hess

409th: Mullins410th: Hogan
411th: Strickland412th: Patton
413th: Patel414th: Chavez
415th: Adkins416th: Meyers
417th: Cobb418th: Norman

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