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Hickey is an ancient Irish name whose original Gaelic version (still in use) was O'hlceadha, derived from the word "iceadh", meaning healer. The O'hlceadhas were the physicians to the Dalcassian Kings of Thomond in the tenth century in County Clare. Ballyhickey Castle was mentioned in 1496 documents, but it was likely destroyed by 1658. In Hickey family history, the O'Hickeys were known for brain surgery for battle injuries. Variations of the name include Hickie and O'Hickie. The family motto, "honor virtutis praemium", means "honor is the reward for virtue". American Hickey genealogy started in Boston in 1768 and includes Mary Augusta Hickey, President John F. Kennedy's paternal grandmother.

Hickey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Hickey-- --, 1908March ,1983MS
Bailey Hickey-- --, 1919August 15,2007OK
C Clifford Hickey-- --, 1919January 13,1993NY
Daisy Hickey-- --, 1915January 5,2008GA

Hickey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Grace Hickey-- --, 1915April 15,1992Lancaster,PA
Fabian Hickey-- --, 1910January ,1983West Palm Beach,FL
Gabrielle Hickey-- --, 1920February 7,2003East Quogue,NY
Haden Hickey-- --, 1910May ,1979Stow,OH

Hickey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian HickeyDanielle RobertsonApril 23,2004Wake, NC
Dennis HickeyJudith DettenbornAugust 16,1968Wake, NC
Edward HickeyJoanna PonceApril 14,2000Lee, TX
Kevin HickeyBrenda FoxSeptember 11,1999Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hickey

900th: Mosley901st: Odell
902nd: Siegel903rd: Pollard
904th: Doherty905th: Travis
906th: Haines907th: Lake
908th: Fulton909th: Cooley

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