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High is an English name. It was originally derived from the Middle English words hie or hegh, themselves derived from the Old English heah, meaning tall. Thus, it likely originated as a nickname given to a tall person. Another possibility is that it was a topographical name given to someone who lived on a hill or another high place. High family history begins in Buckinghamshire, a county in south-central England. High genealogy in America began with Thomas High, who came to Virginia in 1663; another early American High was Archibald High, who landed at Maryland in 1670.

High Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abram High-- --, 1900January ,1974PA
Baby High-- --, 1912February ,1971VA
Cacie High-- --, 1900November ,1981MI
Daily High-- --, 1893September ,1983VA

High Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Geoffrey High-- --, 1927November 4,1997Orient,NY
Fannie High-- --, 1896July ,1972Tampa,FL
G Truett High-- --, 1914September ,1982Duluth,MN
H Bruce High-- --, 1927May 27,2007Ashtabula,OH

High Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Artemous HighMamie DeboseDecember 24,1960Wake, NC
Bobbie HighFreeland WatsonMarch 8,1960Wake, NC
Clarence HighHilda HintonAugust 5,1950Wake, NC
Dealous HighRuby RossFebruary 6,1963Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After High

2308th: Coyne2309th: Dupree
2310th: Corrigan2311th: Croft
2312th: Espinosa2313th: Looney
2314th: Gavin2315th: Krebs
2316th: Babb2317th: Wisniewski

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