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Hinds Genealogy & History

Hinds stems from the Norman personal name for a meek or timid person. Hind is from the Old English meaning a female deer. The coat of arms is a silver band taking up the middle third of the shield with two silver diamonds above it and one below. Hinds family history tells us that Sarah Hinds is the first known family member to migrate to America; she settled in New England around 1635. Two members of the Hinds genealogy are comedian, entrepreneur, film studio owner, and jeweler William Hinds and sports cartoonist Bill Hinds.

Hinds Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edward Hinds-- --, 1917July 30,2005CT
Barbara Hinds-- --, 1895March ,1969MA
Caddy Hinds-- --, 1928July ,1992VA
D Veada Hinds-- --, 1903February ,1987CA

Hinds Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Hinds-- --, 1901May ,1974Auburn,ME
Fain Hinds-- --, 1905December ,1978Knoxville,TN
Gail Hinds-- --, 1941November 9,1998Stephenville,TX
H Blaine Hinds-- --, 1915May ,1983Allison Park,PA

Hinds Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Donald HindsLaurie SodanoOctober 12,1996Wake, NC
Gary HindsValerie CalabreseOctober 17,1969Wake, NC
Joseph HindsIone MoyeOctober 7,1939Wake, NC
Vincent HindsCarol StanleySeptember 20,1971Gaines, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hinds

2190th: Moulton2191st: Deaton
2192nd: Santana2193rd: Lawton
2194th: Ellsworth2195th: Stock
2196th: Rust2197th: Christianson
2198th: Dewey2199th: Slack

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