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Hobbs is an English name. The name comes from "son of Robert" in Old English. Hobbs family history begins in Somerset, where they held a family seat for a very long time. Hobbs genealogy includes Alfred Charles Hobbs, a famous locksmith who forced the design of locks to improve by picking them in public, and Thomas Hobbes (an alternate spelling), author of Leviathan and one of the most influential philosophers in history. There is a town named Hobbs in Indiana, Maryland, and New Mexico. The Hobbs coat of arms is a red shield with a silver chevron between three silver fish.

Hobbs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alva Hobbs-- --, 1932October 12,1988OH
Bada Hobbs-- --, 1896August ,1982IL
C Douglas Hobbs-- --, 1920December 19,1995NC
D Aileen Hobbs-- --, 1918September 16,1987RI

Hobbs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Harold Hobbs-- --, 1914November 2,1996Saint Anthony,ID
F Elease Hobbs-- --, 1924April 30,1989Colorado Springs,CO
G Laverne Hobbs-- --, 1927August 20,2002Fox Island,WA
Hal Hobbs-- --, 1948June 15,1994Proctor,AR

Hobbs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ajmes HobbsMattie MooreJanuary 8,1938Wake, NC
Clifton HobbsBetty HagwoodMarch 3,1945Wake, NC
Daniel HobbsNorma JohnsonDecember 21,1940Wake, NC
Elmer HobbsAnn NowellAugust 17,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hobbs

579th: Pittman580th: Hahn
581st: Nolan582nd: Buck
583rd: Atkins584th: Nielsen
585th: Keith586th: Humphrey
587th: Anthony588th: Christian

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