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Hoff Genealogy & History

Hoff is a occupational name stemming from the pre-seventh-century Germanic and Dutch word hof, indicating a farming community. Thus the name would be for a farmer or someone who lived in the farming settlement. Some of the many spellings are Hofler, Hoffmann, Hofner, Van Den Hoff, Vandenhof, Van Hove, and Van't Hoff. Hoff family history has Konrad Hofer in 1272 as one of the first known recordings of the name in German city charters. Noteworthy Hoff genealogy members are swimmer Katie Hoff; co-inventor of the microprocessor and Intel executive Marcian Hoff; and cartoonist and children's author Syd Hoff.

Hoff Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Hoff-- --, 1901October ,1974PA
Bambi Hoff-- --, 1953September 1,2002MI
Calvin Hoff-- --, 1894February ,1976SD
D Darline Hoff-- --, 1930June 17,2009MT

Hoff Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eainerd Hoff-- --, 1917November ,1988Carol Stream,IL
F Ilene Hoff-- --, 1904February ,1977Santa Barbara,CA
Gail Hoff-- --, 1909May 21,1995Fort Collins,CO
H Vernon Hoff-- --, 1922August 2,1995Silver Bay,MN

Hoff Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles HoffSusanna EthridgeJanuary 15,2000Austin, TX
Frank HoffJewel BarbourOctober 30,1953Wake, NC
Theodore HoffBarbara FowlerOctober 4,1959Wake, NC
Momolu HoffStephanie CasonOctober 6,2006Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hoff

1509th: Brenner1510th: Hanley
1511th: Keating1512th: Eckert
1513th: Huggins1514th: Story
1515th: Ayala1516th: Hathaway
1517th: Mansfield1518th: Jarrett

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