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Hoffman Genealogy & History

Hoffman is a German name. It's derived from the German word "hoff" meaning "farm" or "settlement," and "mann" meaning�naturally�"man." As such, it is a locational name, given to people who lived or worked at a farm. Since agriculture was the profession of almost everyone in ancient times, this name is quite common. Hoffman family history begins in Silesia, Germany, with many branches of the Hoffman family living in the region. One of the first recorded instances of the name is with Konrad Hofer (an alternate spelling) in 1272, in Kostanz. Hoffman genealogy includes Edward J Hoffman, one of the inventors of the PET scanner.

Hoffman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ann Hoffman-- --, 1926January 4,2000NY
B Bea Hoffman-- --, 1921December 15,1998MI
C Fred Hoffman-- --, 1924June ,1995NY
D Louise Hoffman-- --, 1916November 16,1993PA

Hoffman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Hoffman-- --, 1917January 29,2008Duxbury,MA
F Elizabet Hoffman-- --, 1920May 18,2007Havre De Grace,MD
G Beatrice Hoffman-- --, 1909June 4,1992Hershey,PA
H A Hoffman-- --, 1935September 6,2006Wasilla,AK

Hoffman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Roger HoffmanEstella SloanJuly 27,1946Wake, NC
Norman HoffmanIda BrightMarch 16,1950Wake, NC
John HoffmanAnne MitchellSeptember 1,1951Wake, NC
Kenneth HoffmanMary MorrisMay 14,1955Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hoffman

130th: Crawford131st: Porter
132nd: Palmer133rd: Hunt
134th: Rose135th: Simpson
136th: Rice137th: Mason
138th: Johnston139th: Robertson

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