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Holcomb Genealogy & History

Holcomb is an English name. The first Holcombs likely took their name from the place name "Holcombe," which is very common throughout England. "Holcombe," in turn, is derived from the Old English "hol," meaning "deep" or "hollow," and "cumb," which means "valley." Holcomb family history begins in Devonshire, where they held a family seat for centuries. Holcomb genealogy includes William Francis Holcomb (nicknamed "Grizzly Bear"), who discovered gold in a valley near Big Bear Lake, California, which he proceeded to name Holcomb Valley. The Holcomb coat of arms is blue, with three men's heads in profile and a silver chevron.

Holcomb Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Loretta Holcomb-- --, 1933November 15,2003OK
Barbara Holcomb-- --, 1939January 12,1993NC
C Leonard Holcomb-- --, 1921February ,1984VA
Dagmar Holcomb-- --, 1912January 8,2005MI

Holcomb Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Wayne Holcomb-- --, 1917March 11,2001Monteagle,TN
F Russel Holcomb-- --, 1918January 31,1992Tulsa,OK
Gabrilla Holcomb-- --, 1921March ,1980Ripley,WV
H Eileen Holcomb-- --, 1905March ,1989Sarasota,FL

Holcomb Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cecil HolcombDebra HoneycuttOctober 16,1973Wake, NC
Daniel HolcombPatricia CritesSeptember 17,1966Wake, NC
Edgar HolcombLisa MaxfieldJune 7,1997Wake, NC
Geoffrey HolcombLarisa MolinaOctober 30,2000Elpaso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Holcomb

986th: McAllister987th: Britt
988th: Wilder989th: Workman
990th: Nunez991st: Chaney
992nd: Ziegler993rd: Mackey
994th: Pierson995th: Franks

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