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Holley Genealogy & History

Holley is an English locational surname, from many places named Hollin, Hollins, or Holly, not to mention several areas with Holly as part of a compound name. It may also describe someone living near a holegn, or hollow eye�a group of holly trees in a hollow. The Old Norse word holmr, meaning an island on a lake or river, is likely related. Holley family history begins with John de Holley, added to the Subsidy Tax Rolls of Cumberland in 1332. Holley genealogy boasts several famous people, such as musician Buddy Holly (real name Charles Holley), cutting-edge steel engineer and inventor Alexander Holley, and twice-recalled Portsmouth mayor James Holley.

Holley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Holley-- --, 1921March ,1985AL
Bailey Holley-- --, 1893March ,1972WV
C May Holley-- --, 1880August 15,1972NY
D Donald Holley-- --, 1924November 14,2005MD

Holley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Andrea Holley-- --, 1938October 20,2006Laurel,MS
Fred Holley-- --, 1939September 24,1991Boston,MA
Gail Holley-- --, 1939July ,1987Rockmart,GA
H Earle Holley-- --, 1923November 8,1992Aiken,SC

Holley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin HolleyAgnieszka CiepielaOctober 4,2004Wake, NC
Christopher HolleyAdrienne ShawDecember 8,2001Wake, NC
Dean HolleyJudy BurrellJune 28,1971Wake, NC
Edwin HolleySandra TomlinsonJune 27,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Holley

1070th: Kay1071st: Courtney
1072nd: Kimball1073rd: Woodruff
1074th: Crow1075th: Luna
1076th: Post1077th: Gregg
1078th: Driscoll1079th: Funk

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