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Holliday Genealogy & History

Holliday, a locational Anglo-Scottish surname, indicated someone living near Holy Day mountain in historic Annandale (in Scottish borderlands Dumfries). An alternate derivation from the Old English haligdaeg, meaning holy-day, indicated someone born on a religious festival-day or Sunday. Variations found in Holliday genealogy include Hallday, Halliday, Harriday, and Holyday. The family motto (quarta saluti) means the fourth to health, with three silver helmets on the coat of arms signifying wise defense. The first Holliday immigrant to America was in 1639 to Virginia. Legendary dentist and O.K. Corral gunfighter �Doc� Holliday was perhaps the most infamous nameholder in Holliday family history and Charles Holliday DuPont CEO the most illustrious.

Holliday Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Wayne Holliday-- --, 1929July 29,1992OH
Barbara Holliday-- --, 1931March 1,2003WV
Cada Holliday-- --, 1918March 31,1999WV
Daisy Holliday-- --, 1905March ,1981SC

Holliday Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dale Holliday-- --, 1917April 17,2008Monaca,PA
Fae Holliday-- --, 1911July 27,1990Parsons,KS
Gail Holliday-- --, 1872January ,1969Wheeling,WV
Halgert Holliday-- --, 1918May 15,2009Columbus,MT

Holliday Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert HollidayPatricia SynanOctober 8,1977Wake, NC
Claude HollidayPatsy TrullSeptember 17,1949Wake, NC
Denver HollidayAmy DixonMay 20,1995Wake, NC
Robert HollidayMadeline HodgeOctober 4,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Holliday

1554th: Cavanaugh1555th: Weller
1556th: Rock1557th: Ng
1558th: Thayer1559th: Aldrich
1560th: Maguire1561st: Burrell
1562nd: Roche1563rd: Aguirre

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