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Hollingsworth Genealogy & History

According to Hollingsworth family history, the family name Hollingsworth or Hollingworth is of Norman descent and comes from the French houxvert (green holly.) The prominent family that was granted estates in Cheshire County became known as Hollingworth of Hollingworth, and the village where they lived took on their name. It could also derive from the Old English word hollins and could mean inhabitants who lived by holly bushes. Hollingsworth genealogy records suggest that the family came to England with the Normans rather than being conquered by them. Henry Hollingsworth settled in Pennsylvania in 1683 and John Hollingsworth settled in Virginia in 1638.

Hollingsworth Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ann Hollingsworth-- --, 1929August 12,2010IN
Beatrice Hollingsworth-- --, 1928August 16,2010KY
Carl Hollingsworth-- --, 1951December 19,2004LA
Dianne Hollingsworth-- --, 1946May 9,2010MS

Hollingsworth Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edwin Hollingsworth-- --, 1923May 23,2010Henderson,NV
Felicia Hollingsworth-- --, 1980January 14,2007New Orleans,LA
Gary Hollingsworth-- --, 1950November 21,2009Matthews,NC
Howard Hollingsworth-- --, 1927May 17,2010North Las Vegas,NV

Hollingsworth Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony HollingsworthCrystal TrunerApril 3,2007Wake, NC
Edward HollingsworthNancy SmithJanuary 22,1955Wake, NC
Gary HollingsworthLinda SmithMay 24,1980Wake, NC
Robert HollingsworthMargaret SmithNovember 21,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hollingsworth

1235th: Purcell1236th: Herron
1237th: Walden1238th: Guerra
1239th: Stinson1240th: Bowden
1241st: Silverman1242nd: Mobley
1243rd: Tyson1244th: Dunbar

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