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Holmes is an English name with ancient origins. It could be a locational name, given to those living at or near a place named "Holm", derived from the Old English word "holm", a piece of dry land in a fen. Alternately, it could be a topographical name, derived from the Norse-Viking "holmr" meaning "island" or "haugum" meaning "hill", or perhaps the Old English "holm tree" (a common meeting place) or "holegn" meaning "holy woods". Holmes family history is first recorded in Lancashire with Roger de Holm (an alternate spelling). Holmes genealogy includes Raymond Holmes, a British fighter pilot who saved Buckingham Palace from the Nazis.

Holmes Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Antonio Holmes-- --, 1960January 21,2010SC
Babette Holmes-- --, 1926March 23,2005NY
C Autry Holmes-- --, 1914June 28,2000TX
D Elizabet Holmes-- --, 1932August 14,1995MO

Holmes Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bruce Holmes-- --, 1927March 20,2002Macomb,IL
F Lyle Holmes-- --, 1917June 13,2001Kane,PA
G Allen Holmes-- --, 1916July 7,2008Walpole,NH
H Chandler Holmes-- --, 1915January 11,1988Saint Louis,MO

Holmes Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew HolmesErnestine BynumOctober 23,1945Wake, NC
Clarence HolmesLillie WilsonAugust 30,1944Wake, NC
Elbert HolmesSue ToddAugust 6,1935Wake, NC
Houston HolmesCelia WearnOctober 28,1933Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Holmes

166th: Payne167th: Carpenter
168th: Dixon169th: Hanson
170th: Lane171st: Burke
172nd: Andrews173rd: Cunningham
174th: Jensen175th: Armstrong

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