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Honeycutt Genealogy & History

The surname Honeycutt is first found in Somersetshire, England. Honeycutt genealogy originates in the manor of Hunnecote or Hunecota, where the Domesday Book records that William, a Norman noble subtenant of Roger de Courseulles, was lord of the manor in 1086. The manor is recorded as consisting of a royal grant and two nuns. The earliest spellings of Honeycutt vary in both English and French, so Honeycutt family history also includes members with the name Honycott, Hunnicott, Huncote, Honicote, Honeycott, Honeycutt, or Hunnicot. One of the earliest Honeycutts in America was William Huncote, who settled in Virginia in 1635.

Honeycutt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Honeycutt-- --, 1913March 16,1990NC
Ball Honeycutt-- --, 1919August 24,1997NC
Cairl Honeycutt-- --, 1902February ,1979TN
Daisy Honeycutt-- --, 1898October ,1982NC

Honeycutt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E J Honeycutt-- --, 1955May 8,2003Mustang,OK
Fannie Honeycutt-- --, 1901August ,1975Concord,NC
Gaddy Honeycutt-- --, 1924March 28,2001Hope Mills,NC
Hagan Honeycutt-- --, 1916February 12,1998Wallins Creek,KY

Honeycutt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ava HoneycuttMargaret CouncilJune 28,1947Wake, NC
Bruner HoneycuttLucy JermanMay 31,1941Wake, NC
Clarence HoneycuttMary MearsJuly 2,1944Wake, NC
David HoneycuttVirginia PoeJune 3,1945Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Honeycutt

1906th: Ham1907th: Goetz
1908th: Mallory1909th: Harms
1910th: Harman1911th: Watt
1912th: McQueen1913th: Battle
1914th: Lunsford1915th: Winslow

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