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Hong Genealogy & History

Hong is a Chinese and Korean name. The name is derived from the word Hong meaning flood or deluge, and its origin is connected with Hong family history. In ancient China there was a clan known as the Gong Gong Shi. One story says that to hide from their enemies, they added the Water radical to their name and changed it to Hong. Another story says that they were masters of irrigation, and when they were exiled due to rebellion, their descendants changed their name to Hong in memory of their ancestors´┐Ż ability to cause floods. Hong genealogy includes Hong Xiuquan, leader of the temporarily successful Taiping Rebellion.

Hong Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jei Hong-- --, 1908January ,1987NY
Ba Thi Hong-- --, 1925May 12,2004CA
Cai Hong-- --, 1938January 25,2002NY
Da Hong-- --, 1929May 9,2002CA

Hong Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eck Pheo Hong-- --, 1921April 28,1992Los Angeles,CA
Fai Hong-- --, 1909August 23,2005Chicago,IL
Gabriel Hong-- --, 1926March 6,1999San Bruno,CA
Hae Hong-- --, 1909February 9,2002New Hartford,NY

Hong Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Branden HongRhonda FudgeDecember 18,2003Bexar, TX
Dan HongTrieu VuongApril 2,2000Harris, TX
George HongClaudia CooleyNovember 18,2000Denton, TX
Thomas HongHang VoMarch 9,2004Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hong

2120th: Linn2121st: Sherrill
2122nd: Freedman2123rd: Leavitt
2124th: Villanueva2125th: Grayson
2126th: Breen2127th: Tinsley
2128th: Clinton2129th: Schubert

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