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Horn is a Dutch and English name. In Holland, the name was a locational name given to those living at or near one of the many places in the Netherlands named "Horn" or something similar. In England, there are many possible originations. As in Holland, it could be a locational name, or it could be an occupational name for people who crafted objects out of horns. Horn family history in England begins in Durham, where they held a family seat for centuries. Horn genealogy includes Alfred Horn, a mathematician who came up with "Horn sentences" and "Horn clauses", concepts that would form the basis of logic programming.

Horn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Helen Horn-- --, 1901April 24,1993MD
Babette Horn-- --, 1888February 15,1973WI
C Patricia Horn-- --, 1937July 31,2000PA
D Coleen Horn-- --, 1929September 13,1999IN

Horn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joyce Horn-- --, 1921February 28,1999Houston,TX
F Douglas Horn-- --, 1917July 1,1992Etna,CA
G Foland Horn-- --, 1921November 25,2003Mesa,AZ
H Darlyne Horn-- --, 1924May 19,2002Kansas City,MO

Horn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin HornCarla JonesAugust 2,2004Wake, NC
Phillip HornRuth JohnsonMarch 17,1952Wake, NC
Ross HornDena AretakisJanuary 23,1982Wake, NC
Z. HornAnnie BrunningSeptember 18,1879Union, IA

Most Common Surnames After Horn

484th: Tran485th: Kirk
486th: Berger487th: Kirby
488th: Patrick489th: Greer
490th: Bass491st: Joseph
492nd: Summers493rd: Castillo

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