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Horner Genealogy & History

Horner is an English surname, though it is thought to have been Norse in origin, from the Danish invasions of North England in the eighth century. However, this is belied by records showing that the name first appeared in Somerset, about as far from Northern England as one can get and remain on the island. In any case, it is an occupational surname, for people who made their living carving objects from horn, particularly musical instruments. American Horner family history starts with Thomas Horner, who sailed to Virginia in 1623. Horner genealogy includes 1930s Illinois Governor Henry Horner, the first Jewish man to hold the position.

Horner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Arthur Horner-- --, 1919January 20,1998CA
B Agnes Horner-- --, 1915August 30,1999OH
C Bernard Horner-- --, 1915May 17,1990NY
Daisy Horner-- --, 1895December ,1979NJ

Horner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glenn Horner-- --, 1925April 14,2009Blytheville,AR
F Mae Horner-- --, 1931March 3,1997Richmond,IN
G Jeanette Horner-- --, 1927December 12,2006Grand Rapids,OH
H Fay Horner-- --, 1913April 22,1989Bedford,OH

Horner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ben HornerOdessa CoyneNovember 18,1936Wake, NC
Craig HornerAnne HarrisonJanuary 14,1962Wake, NC
Delbert HornerRosita AlgadoFebruary 28,1955Wake, NC
Erik HornerKimberly PixtonApril 25,1992Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Horner

1121st: Egan1122nd: Koenig
1123rd: Dahl1124th: Boyce
1125th: Hutchins1126th: McGill
1127th: Sanderson1128th: Childs
1129th: Roe1130th: Grady

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