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Horvath Genealogy & History

Horvath is a Hungarian surname, initially occurring in Croatia. It comes from the noun Hrvat, the Croatian word for a Croat, and was likely used for ethnic Croats who had moved to Hungary or perhaps were merely working there. Horvath family history comes to America in 1882, when Antal Horvath was noted as living in Boston. Some interesting members of Horvath genealogy are playwright and novelist �d�n von Horvath, 1944 Heisman Trophy winner Les Horvath, Ontario New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath, 20-year NHL center and coach Bronco Horvath, children and young adult fiction writer Polly Horvath, and blues guitarist Ronnie Earl (born Ronald Horvath).

Horvath Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Adah Horvath-- --, 1909October 15,1987NY
Balint Horvath-- --, 1912October ,1973OH
Calvin Horvath-- --, 1907March 14,2007DC
Dalia Horvath-- --, 1933November 2,1997MA

Horvath Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ecaterina Horvath-- --, 1928November 5,1994Hannibal,NY
Fabian Horvath-- --, 1914June ,1987Mishawaka,IN
Gabor Horvath-- --, 1931May 9,1997Saint Petersburg,FL
Harold Horvath-- --, 1917March 6,1998North Tonawanda,NY

Horvath Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel HorvathAdina GradinaruMay 3,2003Dallas, TX
Ernest HorvathGloria DanielsJune 20,1981Wake, NC
Thomas HorvathDiana ButlerNovember 7,1966Wake, NC
Ronald HorvathLaura FerrellJuly 1,1995Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Horvath

1865th: Chu1866th: Burk
1867th: Thurston1868th: Luke
1869th: Jeffers1870th: Bruner
1871st: Moeller1872nd: Malloy
1873rd: Nagy1874th: Paris

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