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Hough Genealogy & History

Hough is an English surname from the Old English hoh, originally meaning hell but more often used to describe a hollow or projected hill. As a surname, it was also often spelled Huff and used for people living near that topographical feature as well as for villages situated near or around one. Thus it was also a locational surname. Hough family history comes to America with Atherton Hough, who was noted as an occupant of Boston in 1633. Some members of Hough genealogy are Ohio Justice and District Court judge Benson Hough, Rear Admiral and Virgin Islands Governor Henry Hough, and Dodgers and Rangers pitcher Charlie Hough.

Hough Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Wayne Hough-- --, 1915September ,1986WV
Barbara Hough-- --, 1932October 16,2005VA
Caius Hough-- --, 1926January 20,1993MO
D Bennett Hough-- --, 1922September 6,1997PA

Hough Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Evelyn Hough-- --, 1896September ,1983Ogden,IA
Farrel Hough-- --, 1922February 27,1998Lebanon,MO
Gabe Hough-- --, 1917June 3,1991Monroe,NC
Halley Hough-- --, 1894June ,1967Berkeley,CA

Hough Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon HoughCami NoreNovember 20,2004Wake, NC
Carol HoughJeanne KluttzJune 10,1956Wake, NC
Daniel HoughCatherine JonesMay 18,1935Wake, NC
James HoughGladys BaileyNovember 27,1932Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hough

1854th: Leary1855th: Craven
1856th: Staples1857th: Hare
1858th: Hillman1859th: Whiting
1860th: Donohue1861st: Purvis
1862nd: Cheek1863rd: Trimble

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