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Hudson Genealogy & History

Hudson is an English and Scottish name. While it is agreed that the name derives from "Hudde", and that Hudde was a nickname, it is debated as to whether it was a nickname for the Old Saxon name Hugh ("mind" or "heart"), the Germanic and French name Richard, or the Old English name Huda. Hudson family history begins in Yorkshire, and the first recorded Hudson was one William Hudde (an alternate spelling) in 1273. Hudson genealogy includes British explorer Henry Hudson, who charted many sea routes. The Hudson Bay and Hudson River were named after him.

Hudson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Delellis Hudson-- --, 1920April 27,2008PA
B Frances Hudson-- --, 1920November 15,2005IN
C Fred Hudson-- --, 1926February 22,2001NC
D Marie Hudson-- --, 1929December 9,2001MI

Hudson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Adelaide Hudson-- --, 1906May ,1976Utica,NY
F Alice Hudson-- --, 1916August 20,2001Saint Louis,MO
G Benjamin Hudson-- --, 1926July 31,1996Newport News,VA
Henry Hudson-- --, 1921July 9,2010Hoschton,GA

Hudson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bascome HudsonRuby GuptonMay 29,1941Wake, NC
Edward HudsonMartha SmithMarch 5,1949Wake, NC
Thomas HudsonMary PostiglioneApril 30,1934Wake, NC
Michael HudsonHazel KitchinDecember 26,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hudson

188th: Morrison189th: Hawkins
190th: Greene191st: Riley
192nd: Lawrence193rd: Schneider
194th: Lynch195th: Nguyen
196th: Schultz197th: Grant

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