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Huffman Genealogy & History

Huffman is a German name. It is derived from the German words "hof", meaning "settlement" or "farm", and "mann", meaning "man." The name might have been originally given to someone who owned their own land or perhaps was a steward of a plot of land for somebody else. Huffman family history begins in Silesia, one of the first recorded instances being Otten Buzwoys Hoveman, who lived in Liegnitz in 1383. Huffman genealogy includes David A. Huffman, a computer programmer who invented the influential Huffman coding for a term paper in 1951 as a student, and professional wrestler Maven Huffman.

Huffman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bertha Huffman-- --, 1901September 15,1989CA
B Donelda Huffman-- --, 1920August 12,2001NC
C Elwood Huffman-- --, 1915May 5,2009OH
D Darrell Huffman-- --, 1917April 7,2008MD

Huffman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eugene Huffman-- --, 1921January 5,2005Springfield,IL
F Leon Huffman-- --, 1927December 21,2003Wichita,KS
Gabe Huffman-- --, 1899February ,1987Richmond,KY
H Kathleen Huffman-- --, 1928December 5,2007Waynesboro,VA

Huffman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bryan HuffmanDuffy ConnellAugust 21,1999Wake, NC
Charles HuffmanErma BradyAugust 28,1955Wake, NC
Daniel HuffmanPamela WilderNovember 24,1960Wake, NC
Edward HuffmanEllen BlalockOctober 17,1959Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Huffman

509th: Whitaker510th: Stokes
511th: Davenport512th: Gates
513th: Roy514th: Wilkins
515th: Clayton516th: Collier
517th: McKenzie518th: Garza

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