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Hurd Genealogy & History

Hurd is an English name. It was originally derived from the Old English word herde, which itself was derived from the Old English word heird(e), which means flock or herd. Thus, Hurd likely originated as an occupational name given to people who tended flocks of animals, probably sheep or cows. Hurd family history may first be recorded with one William Le Hird (an alternate spelling), who lived in Curia Regis in 1189; early Hurds were also found in Suffolk. Hurd genealogy in America first began when a Chris Hurd came to Virginia in 1652. The Hurd family motto, recte et sapienter, means rightly and wisely.

Hurd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mack Hurd-- --, 1931June 4,2010VA
B Richard Hurd-- --, 1937March 19,2007NY
Caecilia Hurd-- --, 1895March 4,1997IL
Daisey Hurd-- --, 1904October ,1969MS

Hurd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernard Hurd-- --, 1896May ,1981Topeka,KS
F Grant Hurd-- --, 1917February 20,2003Eugene,OR
G Eileen Hurd-- --, 1919February 17,2000Spokane,WA
Hager Hurd-- --, 1910August 28,1991Dickerson,MD

Hurd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bryan HurdSherese McnairApril 18,2002Bell, TX
Dan HurdGretta GriffinSeptember 30,2000Denton, TX
Eric HurdLisa HillJuly 29,2000Bell, TX
John HurdLauri HickmanNovember 4,2000Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hurd

1483rd: Rudolph1484th: Duvall
1485th: Ramey1486th: Wiseman
1487th: Carlisle1488th: Corcoran
1489th: Amos1490th: Farr
1491st: Lanier1492nd: Nowak

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