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Hurt Genealogy & History

Hurt is an English name with several possible origins. It could come from the Middle English hert and Old English heorot, meaning stag, in which case it originated as a nickname for a swift runner. Alternatively, it could be derived from the Middle High German word hurt, meaning woven fence or hurdle, given to people who lived near such a fence. Hurt family history is first recorded with one Aelfric Hort (an alternate spelling), who lived in Hampshire in 1060. Hurt genealogy includes the multiple award-winning actor John Vincent Hurt. The Hurt family motto (mane prcedam, vespere spoilum) means game in the morning and a feast at night.

Hurt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Hurt-- --, 1926March 8,2009CO
Barbara Hurt-- --, 1912June 7,1997IN
Callie Hurt-- --, 1883September ,1976OK
Daisey Hurt-- --, 1918March ,1979OK

Hurt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Hurt-- --, 1911February 6,1992Bristol,VA
Fabrice Hurt-- --, 1902January 2,1990Sherman,TX
Gabriel Hurt-- --, 1901March ,1973Granger,TX
H Lucille Hurt-- --, 1919September 10,2009Mesa,AZ

Hurt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred HurtOrla AbernathryAugust 20,1949Wake, NC
Blaine HurtStephanie BergerAugust 12,2000Montgomery, TX
Clifton HurtBrandie SneedDecember 16,2000Taylor, TX
Douglas HurtMary BlackleySeptember 29,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hurt

1601st: Betts1602nd: Kiser
1603rd: Street1604th: Christie
1605th: Sorenson1606th: McNeill
1607th: Hilliard1608th: Calvert
1609th: Adair1610th: Kowalski

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