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Huynh Genealogy & History

Huynh is a Vietnamese name of Chinese origin and is related to the names Whang in Korea and Huang in China. It means golden yellow, and the pinyin romanisation of the word in Huynh genealogy is found variously as Bong, Eng, Hung, Hwang, Ng, Ong, Uy, Wee, Wong, and Ung, due to the different pronunciation of the word in different languages; in Southern China it is pronounced as Huyn and in Northern China as Wong. In Huynh family history, the original spelling was Hoang, but it was ordered to be changed due to naming taboos after Lord Nguyen Hoang was ruler of the southern provinces of Vietnam, 1558-1613.

Huynh Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Boi Huynh-- --, 1925August ,1993NY
Ba Huynh-- --, 1932October 31,2006NY
Ca Huynh-- --, 1916April 15,1996TX
Da Huynh-- --, 1928February 21,2008CA

Huynh Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Em Huynh-- --, 1934July 6,2005Bloomington,IN
Gerard Huynh-- --, 1934July 24,2007Los Angeles,CA
Ha Huynh-- --, 1928June 11,2001Quincy,MA
Ich Huynh-- --, 1910November ,1983Monterey Park,CA

Huynh Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anh HuynhJennifer PhamFebruary 8,2000Harris, TX
Bao HuynhBich TranAugust 11,1989Wake, NC
Duy HuynhHa DoJanuary 10,2006Wake, NC
Nhut HuynhDiep NguyenJanuary 22,1985Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Huynh

1783rd: Hannah1784th: Pack
1785th: Brunner1786th: Lucero
1787th: Bagley1788th: Wesley
1789th: Faust1790th: Stacy
1791st: Comer1792nd: Gale

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