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Ingram is an English name. It was derived from the personal name "Engel" and the suffix "hrafn," or perhaps "ramm." Engel as a name came from the Angles, the German tribe that invaded Britain in the fifth century AD and gave England its name. "Hrafn" means "raven," while "ramm" means "ram." Ingram family history begins in Yorkshire with John Engelram being the first recorded person with that name in 1132. Ingram genealogy includes Vernon Ingram, a biologist who discovered the cause of sickle cell disease. The Ingram family motto is "Magnanimus esto," which means "Be great of mind."

Ingram Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Burton Ingram-- --, 1923March 20,2010AL
Bailey Ingram-- --, 1907August 8,1994FL
C Allen Ingram-- --, 1925March 2,2005SC
Dahla Ingram-- --, 1904May 18,1993NC

Ingram Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eleanor Ingram-- --, 1914March 30,1989San Diego,CA
F Mable Ingram-- --, 1927July 1,2001Clanton,AL
Gable Ingram-- --, 1930February 18,2009Milledgeville,GA
H Lee Ingram-- --, 1916July 15,1990Philadelphia,MS

Ingram Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur IngramDiane EllenJune 27,1970Wake, NC
Christopher IngramSusan RoweMay 21,1983Wake, NC
James IngramClarice HallSeptember 30,1931Wake, NC
Russell IngramRachel AlfordAugust 30,1941Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ingram

429th: Moody430th: Sparks
431st: Pratt432nd: Conner
433rd: Chen434th: Berg
435th: Pope436th: Cain
437th: Cochran438th: Hoover

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