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Jolly Genealogy & History

The surname Jolly is of Norman French or English origin. It is thought to be a descriptive name for a person with a happy personality, derived from the Middle English and Old French joli, meaning merry or lively, from the Old Norse Jol, the festival during which people celebrated the lengthening of days in midwinter. Jolly genealogy shows the alternative spellings of Jollie, Jolie, and Joly. The first recorded instance of the name in Jolly family history appears to be John Jolif in 1273 in Huntingdonshire. The Jolly coat of arms is described as a red mullet between three black pheons on a silver shield.

Jolly Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Jolly-- --, 1918August 26,2004NM
Bailey Jolly-- --, 1927June 16,2000TX
C Douglas Jolly-- --, 1923August 11,1990OK
Daisy Jolly-- --, 1900February 1,1988OH

Jolly Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Jolly-- --, 1921July 10,1988Williston,SC
Faith Jolly-- --, 1916September 2,2009Claremont,CA
Gabe Jolly-- --, 1942August 10,1992Gulfport,MS
Hackett Jolly-- --, 1906February 24,1994Taylorsville,NC

Jolly Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher JollyHeather AubuchonNovember 30,2001Wake, NC
David JollyCynthia MaximApril 26,1976Wake, NC
Frank JollyJeanne StottAugust 14,1971Wake, NC
Gilthanie JollyClarissa WilsonDecember 23,1971Wake, NC

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2079th: Sneed2080th: Knott
2081st: Rowan2082nd: Spear
2083rd: Keys2084th: Cheney
2085th: Driver2086th: De Marco
2087th: Greenfield2088th: Parrott

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