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Judd Genealogy & History

Like many names that had early ties to Britain, the surname Judd came from Anglo-Saxon tribes. Judd is a derivation of the word Jordan, a Hebrew word that means to go down. The lack of standardized spelling before the 19th century accounts for the varied spelling of Judd including Jud and Judson. Judd family history notes that the first Judd who settled in the United States was Thomas Judd, who settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1630. Some notable members of the Judd genealogy are actress Ashley Judd; singer Wynonna Judd; their mother, singer and songwriter Naomi Judd; artist Donald Judd; and British conductor James Judd.

Judd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Judd-- --, 1915April 18,2006VA
Barbara Judd-- --, 1917July 27,1994VT
C Elizabet Judd-- --, 1928October 1,2007IN
Daisy Judd-- --, 1893August ,1967PA

Judd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Donald Judd-- --, 1920July 28,1999Holland,MI
Falton Judd-- --, 1918April 1,1994Garner,NC
G Elmer Judd-- --, 1903June ,1982Kanab,UT
Hallie Judd-- --, 1912September ,1994Richmond,VA

Judd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andre JuddCarla ShepardJuly 25,1992Wake, NC
Bruce JuddElenore RingfieldAugust 4,1952Wake, NC
Clinton JuddPeggy SteeleNovember 26,1957Wake, NC
Donald JuddNellie WoodardMarch 3,1956Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Judd

1616th: Gabriel1617th: Crowell
1618th: Landers1619th: Schrader
1620th: Jacob1621st: Eubanks
1622nd: Doss1623rd: Rooney
1624th: Richey1625th: Steinberg

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