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Kahn Genealogy & History

Kahn genealogy may be German Jewish or Irish. In the former case, the name is adapted from the Hebrew word kohen meaning priest and is most common in the Schlesweig-Holstein region. In the latter case, it is an anglicized version of one of two traditional Gaelic names. One is O'Cadhain, meaning son of the wild goose, and in this case the family originates in Connacht. The other is O'Comhdhain, meaning son of the shared gift, in this case originating in Ulster. Kahn family history includes former chief rabbi of France Zadoc Kahn and American poet Hannah Kahn.

Kahn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eva Kahn-- --, 1902July ,1990NY
Babette Kahn-- --, 1901April ,1974NY
Calvin Kahn-- --, 1924February 20,1992OH
Dale Kahn-- --, 1946July 2,2001WI

Kahn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Maxine Kahn-- --, 1924April 22,2010Bow,WA
Fae Kahn-- --, 1908July ,1995Delray Beach,FL
G Martin Kahn-- --, 1927July 30,2003Flushing,NY
H Bernard Kahn-- --, 1923March 18,1997Columbia,SC

Kahn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew KahnKaren ArmerMay 19,2001Dallas, TX
Barney KahnBernice GobleNovember 30,1968Harris, TX
David KahnPatricia HicksJune 10,2000Tom Green, TX
Edward KahnSusan KaufmanJune 22,1969Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Kahn

1411th: Epstein1412th: Lockwood
1413th: McGraw1414th: Lacy
1415th: Abraham1416th: Flaherty
1417th: Trevino1418th: Yost
1419th: Weir1420th: Bergman

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