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Kane is an Irish name. It is the anglicized version of the Old Gaelic "Mac Cathain" or "O Cathain". This, in turn, was most likely taken from the personal name "Cathain", which was taken from the Gaelic words "cath", meaning "battle", and "an" meaning "one who"—hence, "one who battles". Kane family history began in Londonderry, although there is also an O'Kane branch in Derry that claims to be descended from the Niall of the Nine Hostages, King of Ireland. Kane genealogy includes actress Carol Kane, Civil War (Union) General Thomas L. Kane, and Batman creator Bob Kane.

Kane Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
A Kathleen Kane -- --, 1929 November 3,1996 NY
B Peter Kane -- --, 1912 July 14,1992 CT
C Lawrence Kane -- --, 1919 June 3,2001 IL
Dagmar Kane -- --, 1912 August 17,1997 VA

Kane Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Earl Kane -- --, 1933 May 10,1995 Palm Bay,FL
F Carl Kane -- --, 1909 October 15,1994 Pittston,PA
Gabriel Kane -- --, 1939 March 10,1999 Warwick,RI
Haddie Kane -- --, 1897 April ,1982 Morrisville,PA

Kane Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
David Kane Ti Goff May 9,1998 Wake, NC
Frank Kane Valerie Stento January 28,1965 Wake, NC
Robert Kane Barbara Rogers January 19,1952 Wake, NC
Leroy Kane Geraldine Burroughs July 29,1958 Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kane

468th: Short 469th: Tyler
470th: Vasquez 471st: Abbott
472nd: Carson 473rd: Brennan
474th: Lindsey 475th: O'Neill
476th: Nash 477th: Chase

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