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Keck Genealogy & History

The surname Keck can be of either Dutch or German origin. Originally found in the Netherlands, Keck is also prominent in Wurtzenberg, Germany, and the family seat is located in Giengen. Keck genealogy describes the family coat of arms as a silver shield with three golden crescents on a blue bend. Spelling variations of this name include Keckk, Kecke, Keeck, Kaeck, and Keckes. A prominent person in Keck family history was founder of Superior Oil Company and philanthropist William Myron (W. M.) Keck.

Keck Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Keck-- --, 1909March 25,1996TN
Balbina Keck-- --, 1922March 7,2005MD
C Albert Keck-- --, 1923February ,1985OH
Daisy Keck-- --, 1888December ,1971MI

Keck Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Keck-- --, 1888December ,1967Croghan,NY
Faith Keck-- --, 1912July 9,1999Fairview,OK
Galen Keck-- --, 1935April 23,2009Lancaster,PA
Halbert Keck-- --, 1902June ,1987Reno,NV

Keck Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony KeckJulie WilliamsonJune 19,2003El Paso, TX
Charles KeckKatie HaywoodMarch 21,1936Wake, NC
Dennis KeckSandra GarwoodOctober 5,2001Aransas, TX
Edward KeckWatsana LaorpaksinSeptember 19,2003Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Keck

2441st: Chisholm2442nd: Christenson
2443rd: Hite2444th: Seibert
2445th: Sisson2446th: Longo
2447th: Switzer2448th: Nagle
2449th: Shore2450th: Barclay

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