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Keen Genealogy & History

Keen is an English surname from the Old English cene and Middle English kene, meaning fierce or proud and used as a nickname. It might also come from the Old English cyning, meaning king, and carried into Middle English from various names based on that element. Lastly, it might be from the Old Gaelic O'Cathain, meaning son of the warrior. Keen family history starts in 1207, when Adam Kene was noted in the Hundred Rolls of Suffolk. Some interesting members of Keen genealogy are British actress Diane Keen, Texas country guitarist and singer Richard Keen, and British cryptographic engineer Harold Keen.

Keen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Keen-- --, 1948February 22,2005VA
B Jane Keen-- --, 1919March 3,2007PA
Callie Keen-- --, 1924January 20,1999KY
D Jean Keen-- --, 1922August 1,2007MA

Keen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arthur Keen-- --, 1928February 7,2010Coatesville,PA
Faison Keen-- --, 1908May 6,1995Raleigh,NC
Gail Keen-- --, 1920March ,1987Burley,ID
H Richard Keen-- --, 1926August 22,2000Murrieta,CA

Keen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian KeenCindy KeithMarch 24,1996Wake, NC
Charles KeenMaggie HamiltonJanuary 16,1953Wake, NC
Donald KeenLinnie MillerNovember 25,2000Tarrant, TX
Elwood KeenMarian BarkleyNovember 7,1947Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Keen

1729th: Gary1730th: Fountain
1731st: Denny1732nd: McNally
1733rd: Stearns1734th: Cantu
1735th: Calderon1736th: Pritchett
1737th: Pyle1738th: Trent

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