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Kemp is an English surname, from the Old English cempa, which means a champion´┐Żan actual title bestowed on the winner of a jousting or wrestling competition, though probably some came to be called such without that. Cempa comes from the Latin campus, meaning a battlefield. Kemp family history begins with Eadulf Cempa, registered in a list of Old English surnames in Wiltshire in 902. Kemp genealogy includes such illustrious people as Jack Kemp, nine-term New York Representative, HUD Secretary under Bush Sr., and 1996 GOP Vice Presidential candidate; Dr. C. Henry Kempe, the identifier of battered child syndrome; and Matthew Kemp, LA Dodgers center fielder.

Kemp Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gene Kemp-- --, 1930July 24,2008WV
Babette Kemp-- --, 1919October 29,2007KY
Cader Kemp-- --, 1889June ,1966TN
D Hazel Kemp-- --, 1916December 2,2002GA

Kemp Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E B Kemp-- --, 1927January 2,2002Warner Robins,GA
F Hazel Kemp-- --, 1914June 30,2001Monrovia,CA
Gabriel Kemp-- --, 1881October ,1968Oklahoma City,OK
Hailey Kemp-- --, 1898June ,1972Buffalo,NY

Kemp Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Doone KempElizabeth WinfreeDecember 25,1936Wake, NC
Edward KempDorothy BrantleyFebruary 6,1945Wake, NC
Frank KempBertha HighAugust 10,1968Wake, NC
Larry KempJoyce ReddishSeptember 21,1963Wake, NC

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