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Kenny Genealogy & History

Kenny is an Irish family surname, derived from � Cionnaith, sometimes spelled � Cionnaoith, and is associated traditionally with counties Galway and Roscommon. Kenny genealogy shows that the name is equivalent to the Scottish Kenneth, used as both a personal surname and a given name. � Cionnaith was the name of a popular sixth-century priest and missionary, Saint Canice (in English), for whom the town of Kilkenny is named. Kenny family history shows the Kennys made their way to Virginia in 1638. The motto on the Kenny coat of arms is teneat luceat floreat: may he hold, may he shine, may he flourish.

Kenny Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Adam Kenny-- --, 1924March ,1985LA
B Fletcher Kenny-- --, 1916November 18,1997AL
C Fred Kenny-- --, 1920May 8,2005PA
D Louise Kenny-- --, 1919May 29,1999CA

Kenny Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Kenny-- --, 1931December ,1988Deltona,FL
Fannie Kenny-- --, 1901November ,1973Haverhill,MA
Gardner Kenny-- --, 1916September 12,1996Long Branch,NJ
H James Kenny-- --, 1922November 2,2000Bernardsville,NJ

Kenny Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur KennyLoetitia SteeleFebruary 4,1939Wake, NC
Cyril KennyAngela GroganJuly 26,1999Wake, NC
David KennyAnne OldsApril 4,1987Wake, NC
Thomas KennyEthel LewisMay 20,1944Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kenny

1677th: Lara1678th: Shaver
1679th: Atwood1680th: McGhee
1681st: Brewster1682nd: Sauer
1683rd: Waite1684th: Baron
1685th: Dowling1686th: Colbert

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