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Kenyon Genealogy & History

Kenyon is an English name. It is a locational name, given to people who lived in the parish of Kenyon, located in Lancashire, a county in the northwest of England. The origin of the name itself is somewhat of a mystery; it has been speculated to be a compound of the word Cruc meaning burial mound and some kind of personal name similar to the Welsh Einion. Kenyon family history is first recorded in Lancashire�specifically, with one Robert de Kenien (an alternate spelling), who was actually the lord of the manor. Kenyon genealogy includes the influential former senator William Kenyon and a pioneer of cinematography James Kenyon.

Kenyon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Naomi Kenyon-- --, 1915May ,1977PA
B Franklin Kenyon-- --, 1916November ,1986PA
Caleb Kenyon-- --, 1890September ,1968NY
D Palmer Kenyon-- --, 1921June 30,2005TN

Kenyon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ruth Kenyon-- --, 1921July 23,1997Birmingham,MI
F Arline Kenyon-- --, 1918January 25,2002Rochester,NY
Gail Kenyon-- --, 1932December 2,2000Rome,NY
H Irene Kenyon-- --, 1928August 2,2001Chambersburg,PA

Kenyon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alvin KenyonLisa BartzAugust 19,2006Ector, TX
Gabriel KenyonStacy ZeilerDecember 9,2000Hays, TX
William KenyonDoris LinzeySeptember 21,1944Wake, NC
Nathaniel KenyonDaisy DegeeJuly 1,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kenyon

2110th: Marcum2111th: Strange
2112th: Rhoads2113th: Tang
2114th: Carnes2115th: Yee
2116th: Linder2117th: Snodgrass
2118th: Seitz2119th: Hong

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