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Kerns Genealogy & History

Kerns is a name of Gaelic origin stemming from the word ciar, which means black or dark brown. Kerns family history records that it was typically applied to a dark or brown-haired child. The first references to the name Kerns appear as O Ciarain or Mac Ciarain. There are numerous spelling variations of this name, including Kern, Kerne, Kerrn, Kerns, Kernes, Kernns, Keerns, Kerrns, Keern, Kernn, Kernen, Gern, Cern, and Kurn. Abraham Kern took an oath of allegiance in Pennsylvania in 1731. Among members of the Kerns genealogy are American pianist Keven Kerns; American actress and director Joanna Kerns; and German footballer Enrico Kerns.

Kerns Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ace K.-- --, 1906September 25,1997WV
B Marie K.-- --, 1929April 6,2003DE
C Hamer K.-- --, 1912October ,1980OH
D Ray K.-- --, 1924July 6,1993ID

Kerns Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl K.-- --, 1900February ,1980Willow Grove,PA
Fae K.-- --, 1902July ,1984Indianapolis,IN
Gail K.-- --, 1953September 11,1997Henrico,VA
H Allen K.-- --, 1916January 11,1999Berkeley Springs,WV

Kerns Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arlyn K.Linne IsenbergJune 5,1991Harris, TX
Bobbie K.Diane ScimitarraFebruary 8,1974Wake, NC
Christopher K.Connie WheelerApril 7,2006Bexar, TX
Devin K.Edith FeatherstonOctober 19,1996Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kerns

1961st: Zamora1962nd: Gaston
1963rd: Gunderson1964th: Worthington
1965th: Wahl1966th: Ogle
1967th: Presley1968th: Hayward
1969th: Grubb1970th: Boudreaux

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