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Kessler is a German name from the German kezzel and Old German kezzil, meaning kettle. It is a metonymic name, used for people who made kettles or cauldrons, and the name was for a long time concentrated in Hesse and the Rhineland, with many branches of the family acquiring power in the area. Kessler family history in America begins with Maria and Nicol Kessler, who sailed to New York in 1709. Kessler genealogy includes many notable people, such as East German General Heinz Kessler, founder of Kessler Whiskey Julius Kessler, and Michael Kessler, a pioneer in the field of forensic accounting and auditing.

Kessler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clair Kessler-- --, 1913February ,1978PA
B Lois Kessler-- --, 1913August 18,2001CA
Caecelia Kessler-- --, 1892December ,1970IL
Dagmar Kessler-- --, 1890September ,1969NJ

Kessler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Fred Kessler-- --, 1915May 27,2010Bozeman,MT
Fabian Kessler-- --, 1895March 15,1971Canton,OH
G Roger Kessler-- --, 1930July 23,2009Lawson,MO
Hadley Kessler-- --, 1914March 25,1996Danville,VA

Kessler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arnold KesslerLinda LutherAugust 29,1964Wake, NC
Bruce KesslerJessica SneedenJune 25,1994Wake, NC
Gordon KesslerJanet ManionDecember 27,1966Wake, NC
Stowell KesslerGladys ComberJune 7,1955Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kessler

836th: Jarvis837th: Cooke
838th: McPherson839th: Byrne
840th: Riggs841st: Walls
842nd: Blevins843rd: Delgado
844th: Downs845th: Hendrix

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